Textlabel autofill

I want a textbox that autofills. It is like the Cafe games where if you start to enter a username after you narrow it down enough and there is only one user left it autofills for you. Btu I want it to have a string of a bunch of words and then when you narrow it down enuogh it fills with that word. But I also want to execute a function based on what it autofilled. Such as if I entered newscript it would read that and make a new script, etc. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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this might help you

I already read it and tried to modify it but it was not working

It might help if you shared the code you tried already, and explained why it isn’t working for your use case

I would but i am at school right now, sorry about that!

Does this help at all?

It’s an old module I made and you might have to make some slight modifications to the code to get what you explained.
Make sure to look through the examples btw, there is a way to easily list player names.

Sorry if this doesn’t help

I will check this and modify it when i get back home