Textlabel isn't displaying properly

Having a hanging 0 infront of all of my numbers, while trying to do abbreviations; Displaying it on a textlabel is not displaying right, but displaying on output (printing it), is right;

function NumberLib:Abbreviate(x: number, p)
	local index = math.max(0, math.floor(math.log(x, 10) / 3))
	local pattern = "%."..(p or 1).."f%s"
	print(string.format(pattern, x / 1000^index, symbols[index + 1]))
	return string.format(pattern, x / 1000^index, symbols[index + 1])
local toolPrice = "€".. NumberLib:Abbreviate(label.Price)
		toolFrame.TextButton.Text = toolPrice
		toolFrame.TextButton.MouseEnter:Connect(function(x, y)
			toolFrame.TextButton.Text = "Buy" 
		toolFrame.TextButton.MouseLeave:Connect(function(x, y)
			toolFrame.TextButton.Text = toolPrice

Let me know if you need anymore information, thank you!

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We’ve filed a ticket into our internal database for this issue and will start investigating, we will update you when we have further information.

Thanks for flagging!

What font is that? I think it’s just rendering the € like that.

I copied and pasted it from google.

After further research, it is. € is rendering as a 0, which is very weird. I’ll figure something out to make it render the symbol.

I don’t think you should mark this as a solution; it doesn’t seem to be intended behavior

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Alrighty, I unmarked it as a solution. Hopefully it’ll get fix soon.

I don’t mean what is the symbol, I mean what is the font on your TextLabel?

Ohhhh, my mistake. The textbutton’s font is Michroma.

Any update on this unintended behavior?

@Dogekidd2012 Hey, this is still happening, any update on this unintended behavior or possible workaround solution?

Sorry, I don’t know anything about this in particular, just wanted to get more info for people who did. I will try to poke the people who are, but no promises on ETA for a fix or anything.

A workaround here might be to use RichText to switch to a different font to use the euro sign.

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We have further investigated this issue, and this seems to be an issue with the Michroma font itself not having a glyph for the euro pound symbol and mapping 0 to this symbol. As this is an issue with the font and not the Roblox engine, this is not a bug with Roblox. We recommend using the suggested workaround of rendering this text with RichText instead and using a different font for the euro symbol.

Ah alright, thank y’all for further investigating this issue. I’ll do your alternative methods, hopefully I can find a font that best fits the same font. Should I file an issue on their website or are you guys going too?

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I would recommend filing your own as well!

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