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Hello, I need help. I would like to remove the space in the TextLabel. I have tried TextScaled, TextWrapped and UiGridLayout, and none of them worked. Someone please help me.

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If I’m understanding correctly, you can use a UIListLayout with FillDirection set to Horizontal.
Set HorizontalAlignment to whatever works best for you. Padding should automatically be set to {0, 0}, and that will remove the gap.
Change the LayoutOrder of each of the TextLabels as well. Higher value will be positioned further to the right.


There’s a quick way to set this up and achieve what you want:

  • Create a Frame that contains both the display name and username TextLabels.
  • Put a UIListLayout inside this Frame with FillDirection set to Horizontal.
  • Set the size of both TextLabels to {0,0},{1,0}.
  • Ensure TextScaled is enabled on both TextLabels.
  • Set AutomaticSize on the TextLabels to X. This will cause the TextLabels to automatically fill out on the X axis with whatever they contain.

Edit: To quickly explain what’s going on here, the Frame is simply being used as a wrapper for these TextLabels. This frame governs the vertical height of the TextLabels within it, because the TextLabels are set to fill the vertical space by default, but take up no horizontal space. By setting AutomaticSize on the TextLabels, they will automatically size the X axis to fit their contents. This is why TextScaled needs to be on.


Thank you for your reply. Since {0,0},{1,0} was too large for the TextLabels, I tried {0,0},{0.4,0} instead.

It almost worked, but now they look like this:

Just for comparison, it used to look like this:

Please leave the TextLabels at {0,0},{1,0} and modify the Frame’s size.

I’ve included a rbxm on this post that you can use to cross-reference with your own design:
SizeWrapTest.rbxm (6.1 KB)

I left the backgrounds of each element semi-transparent so you can see how things are laid out. Try modifying the vertical height of the NameWrapper inside this GUI to see how it reacts.

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