TextLabels not showing up for some, and showing up for others

I am making a kind of text typewriter effect, only that I’m using individual TextLabels for each character (this is so that I can apply tween effects to individual characters).

This works great for me, as you can see in the image below

But for my friend, barely any of the characters appear.

I have a hard time finding out why. In case it matters, I am using TextService:GetTextSize() to determine the width of each letter, and AutoLocalize is OFF on the TextLabels

For this demonstration, I am not using any “special” characters, but I am using the utf-8 library in my code to facilitate for that.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!


have you tried using ui padding and did you try to resize your screen while the typewriter effect was happening? you could also try to check what happens if you toggle and untoggle textscaled, these could possibly point at the solution

if nothing else works, check other typewriter scripts, i guess

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The UI looks like this:
TextFrame is the thing that houses all the textlabels

TextScaled is always off, I calculate the font size manually with (height/numberOfLines)

I’ve written my code in such a way that it updates the layout every time TextFrame.AbsoluteSize changes, so that shouldn’t be an issue

But yea I’ll try to find other scripts that do the same thing

Tested it on my phone and the same thing happens there, it looks like it just has to do with the size of the labels so I’ll continue trying stuff

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Perhaps pass the code so i cant see what exactly is wrong, thanks

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Is the .Text property correct for both? If not, it’s a code issue.

What method are you using for the type writing? Are you tweening MaxVisibleGraphemes, are you manually setting the text, or are you creating new text labels for each character added (for a more complex effect)?