"TextScaled" Option. What does it exactly do?

So, i’m kinda confused about the TextScaled option.

I don’t know if i need to Enable or Disable it to achieve what i want.

I’m making a UI (ofcourse), and i want to be that the text has the exact same look on different resolutions. So it doesn’t get larger or smaller (for example: the text goes outside the box).

Does the TextScale function auto-scales to resolution, or Auto-Scales to fill the frame?

TextScaled basically scales the text of the Ui to always make sure the text stays in the Ui. You should always scale the text so that mobile players can read the text.

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If i Enable it, and go check it out in different resolutions. It sometimes get’s out of Scale. Making the text super large.

The TextScaled property is a BoolLean value that automatically scales the Text of a GUI to the size of the GUI. You should always have it enabled so that the size of the Text does not differ on different screen sizes.

That’s because you need to not use offset and use scale instead.

Hold on.

I have created my UI’s like this:

Frame 1,0,1,0. Inside another frame, for example 0.2,0,0.2,0. Inside that frame a TextBox 1,0,1,0. And if i do so. The AutoScale messes it up. As it fills the whole thing. However if i manualy do change it. It only fits on my resolution.

However, i want them all to be the same size. But due TextScale, this won’t be.

Are your TextBoxes/Frames all the same size?

I would recommend using UITextSizeConstraint with the TextScaled property to keep the text size the same.


Yes. They’re all 1,0,1,0.

Let’s look at the "Settings’ box.

The GrayBox you see, is a Frame(F1). That F1 is inside another frame (F0).
F0 is 1,0,1,0 (To fill the whole screen, and it transparent).
Inside is F1, which size is: (0.075, 0,0.041, 0)
Inside F1 is the TextBox(TB1), which is 1,0,1,0, to fill the whole frame.

I’m in fact not sure how to use that, lol.

“UITextSizeConstraint” seem not to be affecting my TextBoxes.

I’ve placed the UITextSizeConstraint inside the ScreenUI, and tried them placing in the UI too. I’ve changed their MaxSize value’s multiple times from 5 to 10. But there seem to be no difference’s when testing it.

Have you tried putting them inside the TextBox itself? Make sure TextScaled is ticked too.

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@HeadlessDeathSpeaker, the TextScaled function will have the text be at the maximum size it can while still fitting in between the borders. Hope this helped!