TextService:FilterStringAsync() rate limits?

I don’t know where this question would go. So just here.

I have an expanded English dictionary with around 466,000 words on it.
Now, don’t question about why the hell I would want to implement this into Roblox, it’s really stupid, but:
Since the Documentation does not state anything, do TextService:FilterStringAsync() and TextFilterResult’s methods have any rate limits? They’re API calls, there must be. Except I don’t know which.

Also, will I get terminated for literally sending this many requests? I packed the words into groups of 5 so it should be around 93,200 requests. Maybe 10, just to narrow it down to ~46,600 requests.

And no, I can’t do this during runtime. I have my reasons. Because due to the natural logic of my “Project”, sending ~12 requests per second across multiple servers sounds like a worse idea.


Hi, bumping this topic, didn’t manage to find an answer either.

Couldn’t find any results from my own search, but one way to find out is to just try it out!
If you are concerned about being terminated, you can try doing it on an alt. To count up how many it lets through, use a pcall and increment a counter until an error is recieved. The counter will tell you how manny successful requests it allowed


Should be fine if I do one call per second. After all, games using custom/global chats must be sending even more. Can’t do it on an alt, gotta send this to a datastore, won’t bother myself to adjust game perms or something.

But I’m concerned on why there’s no specified limit.

Guess it’s time to https://tryitands.ee/

if you don’t mind what is that website tryitands.ee?

back to the topic

Have you conducted an experiment on the rate limit on TextService:FilterStringAsync()?

A funny programmer video in the style of bill wurtz (the one who made “the history of the world, i guess”), that tells you to “Try it and see” if your code works. You can put it on Discord, it’ll self embed. Quite the meme.

No, barely finished writing the code for it. If it works, I might put the filtered dictionary up in #resources:community-resources for everyone to mess with. Time to see.

Is that a good idea though? Putting it in community resources? Or is it a waste?

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