TextService:GetTextBoundsAsync does not detect or respect rich text


As the title says, TextService:GetTextBoundsAsync does not detect or respect rich text. This is a problem when text is sent that contains markup for rich text. The result is that the bounds ends up being incorrect.

Additional Information

Parameter Value
Problem Area Engine
Problem Component User Interface: TextService
First Noticed 1 Apr 2024
Priority Medium
Impact High
Annoyance Level High

The beta features that I have enabled are as follows:

  • AI-Powered Texture Generator
  • Assistant Preview
  • Material Generator
  • Notched Screen Support
  • Notification Overhaul
  • Updated Docking System
  • Updated Roblox Controls

As for plugins, I have a bunch that are installed, but very few are enabled. The ones that are enabled are listed below with links to their details page on the Roblox store website:


What I expect to happen is for TextService:GetTextBoundsAsync() to detect and remove rich text formatting before determining what the text bounding box is.



Rich Text

robloxapp-20240401-1336153.wmv (161.3 KB)


To reproduce the issue, use the following steps:

  1. Open the attached file in Roblox Studio.
  2. Play it.
  3. Observe results.


Engine - TextService-GetTextBoundsAsync.rbxl (58.9 KB)

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Hey thanks for the feedback! This sounds like a feature request. Would you mind posting in the feature requests category?