TextSize doesn't respect Y-axis

Both of these are TextSize 100.

  • Left Text
  • Font “Legacy”
  • TextSize 100
  • TextBounds (150, 150)
  • Right Text
  • Font “SourceSansLight”
  • TextSize 100
  • TextBounds (76, 100)


Shouldn’t TextSize dictate Y-Axis TextBounds? It varies with each font.

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Take a look at this:

Long story short:
“Text size” is the size of the “em square”, which is defined by the font and should be (but isn’t always) approximately the bounding rect of all characters defined in the font.

So, it’s somewhat arbitrary and not all font files do it in a standard size.
The included fonts do not :slight_smile:

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Legacy has 50% more height to support old GUIs.
It’s a weirdly specific gimic.

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