Texture Alignment

How can I get the texture alignment looking good, and also why are the wedges clearly visible when I’ve used the same texture and color?

It could be the placement of the Parts & WedgeParts you used. If they aren’t aligned the edges can show up.

It also could be an ‘edge’ on the texture you are using. Try repeating the Texture on your Parts and see if you can see lines in the texture.
If so you may have to delete a few pixels from the edges of your Texture to make them disappear.

Got the parts working thanks, do you know why the wedges stand out?
The placement of the wedge parts and parts are correct

Are the Wedges the same Color, Reflectance and Material as the Parts?
If the texture is slightly transparent it’ll show the Color or Material behind it.

Whoops, was using plastic instead of smoothplastic, thanks!

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