Texture appears over transparent brick

I have a grid texture applied to the top surface of my baseplate and on top of that baseplate, using the placing system I am working on, there is a furniture object that is transparent during the placing process, until the player decides what position is best. The object being above the texture and closer to the camera, I would expect it to be shown properly, but the textured grid on the floor is shown above the object, appearing as if it is on top of it, creating a weird effect.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue:

The lines are clearly white and not affected in any way by the transparent object. I have tried different transparencies, both for the texture and the object, with no success. I have also tried replacing the texture with a SurfaceGui, again with no success. Changing the Graphics Quality doesn’t have any effect either.

However, if I adjust the camera, it sometimes shows the grid under the object, as it should be:

As you can see, the object and the texture are in the same position, but the camera angle is slightly altered.

Does anyone know how I can fix this?


I believe due to the nature of Roblox Studio’s transparency system, it shows the textures depending on the camera position. I have tested this with glass and it has happened to me before. I am not sure how you have fix this though I hope this would be informative insight.

You could adjust the transparency of the texture itself.

Here’s an image where the texture’s Transparency is 0.5 and the Object’s transparency is 0.1 for every part:


For some reason, even the parts inside the object seem to be on top of it sometimes, notice the down-right leg of the table:


This one is above the grid, which is above the rest of the table.

The down-left leg is above the table, but under the grid :smile:

It is the same with the editor tool. It shows a grid regardless. I think it just be of the nature of it. The only way you can alter it is to change your camera angle.

I believe that only happens when you are looking at the table in a certain angle, and that can not be fixed unless the top part is either fully transparent or Opaque, I wouldnt be too bothered by it since it only appears in certain angles and its just a minor inconvenience.