Texture causes Z-Fighting

So, I think many people are aware of the terrible z-fighting bug (that developers seem to ignore) that occurs on a textured part when you zoom the camera too much. There are countless suggestions to “Just make it thicker” and “Raise it more” but it doesn’t seem to be the reliable solution.

This only occurs on textured parts. The texture seems to overlap everything ~2studs above it.

Though, there are a lot of games that somehow workaround this issue. One that I managed to find is from “Youtube tycoon”. Here’s the thickness of the part:

And here’s the view from maximum zoom out + higher point on the map:

Maybe images don’t get the point, but the parts don’t z-fight.
Now, I know it’s a “Try yourself and ask for help” forum, not “Do it for me” but I spent a lot of time emperimenting and trying so solve it but the best option I found is to workaround by raising the parts based on zoom distance. Which is a horrible solution.

How do you deal with z-fighting in your games? Please share if you don’t mind


Is unioning out of the question? That’s what I normally do when I know I won’t be needing to individually edit the parts anymore.

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I use mesh parts for building. I tested with parts and unions too and it doesn’t seem that much difference.

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You unioned the z-fighting parts together and it made no difference?

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Oh, you meant union these two. No can do, they are different materials.

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Have you considered negating one of the materials at the position in which it shouldn’t be visible?

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Sudden update. Seems like the baseplate texture was causing this, overlapping so much it gets past two levels of parts. I will edit the question but it stays open though

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Alright, sick workarounds time. To whoever gets stuck on same thing.

Mesh parts can render textures and don’t cause z-fighting. Since you can’t modify tiling of block meshes (thank you, Roblox team) you’ll need to make one in whatever 3d software you use. Make a big plane in it and either scale mesh itself or it’s UV tiling. Then you can finally enjoy textures and not worry about it looking horrid.


In my opinion, unions have their uses but typically are better in low detail/simple uses. For showcases, unions are fine. However, for something with moving parts you will have to be much more cautious because it might make the hitbox turn in ways it should not.

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