Texture colors incorrect when importing to Roblox Studio

When I import my FBX mesh to Roblox Studio from Blender some of the texture colors get messed up and changes the color of the mesh. How can I fix this?

The mesh after importing to Roblox Studio:

The mesh in Blender:

it’s loading in correct it’s just because of your background and texture of your gun in roblox studio

also I notice a couple part of your gun has a different color which might be caused by having a different texture slot from your gun and you might of exported it in one part

I’m assuming you are using FBX in order to export vertex paint?

If this is the case, try checking the MeshPart colour under properties, and see if it is set to 255,255,255. Judging by how only the receiver and the barrel’s colour is different apart from the grip, magazine and the stock, I’m also going to assume that the MeshParts are separated based on the different parts of the model.

If you are using texture files instead of vertex paint for these meshes, try doing the same thing and check the MeshPart’s colour in properties and see if it is set to 255,255,255. Roblox changed its alpha colour behaviour for meshes with textures not long ago, and changing the MeshPart’s base colour will affect how your textures will look.

If this does not work, try exporting the mesh as a .obj file.