Texture deformity when importing from Blender to Roblox

Trying to import a level from Blender into Roblox with its textures, most of the textures load fine however a couple in particular seem to be having issues.

This is what the texture should look like:

This is what the it looks like imported into Roblox:

To clarify i mean that blue line that runs across the sand, i am already aware of Roblox making low resolution textures blurry, that is not the issue here. I have absolutely no idea why this would be happening.

So far i’ve tried exporting in other file formats, the one pictured is in .glb but i’ve tried with .obj and .gltf. My best guess is that Roblox is trying to repeat the texture instead of stretching it out? But that wouldn’t explain why other textures look fine.

The original texture file:


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I don’t know if this will work but I’d suggest playing around with the UV mapping of the mesh(es).
It’s kind of hard to tell where to pin point the issue with the somewhat limited information given, but with that being said, I hope this helps!

This worked, only issue is the bottom half of the texture is still messed up but it doesn’t matter since the player only sees the top. Thanks!

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