Texture disappears when you zoom camera away

Hello Developers,

I ran into a problem with textures disappear when you get in a certain distance away from it.
My studio quality level is on 21, this also happens in real game.

Place - New 2021 baseplate, Lighting - Future

Any thoughts on what causing this?
Help would be really appreciated!

[Video] (Texture - YouTube)

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Is to because of the angle? Since with decals they are basically like textures and they become transparent on a certain angle.

It also happens with non textured parts on top of textured one.

Well this reminds me of the time where you have to have a certain part size or about for a proximity prompt. Maybe try to make the part bigger on the y axis?

This looks likes a Roblox optimization that pushes the textures together to cut down on memory/performance usage. If you have a completely filled game, I doubt it’d be noticeable and even if it was, odds are your players won’t be focusing on the floors.

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