Texture drastically different in studio than in substance designer

Hello, recently I have been working on some skill-building on the side and I have been working with Substance Designer to make some bark material. I have been blocked by the texture being considerably different in a designer than in the studio. I would ideally like for them to match.

Here is the texture in Designer.

Here is what it looks like in-studio.

Should be noted the texture is in a surface appearance with color map, normal map, and roughness maps linked. The alpha is set to overlay and the lighting in the place of upload is shadow map (I have tested it with future but it changes nothing)

I have tried to mess with normal intensity in designer as well exported the material to painter and messed with it there. Not sure if something I am doing on export from designer is causing this drastic change in appearance as I’m extremely new to designer. Could this be attributed to the lack of tech Roblox has for materials right now?

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Seems like Roblox doesn’t support HBAO from my preview in designer. The black shadows are from HBAO and it sorta applies it at like .05 intensity but it’s not wanting to go any further than that.