Texture glitch Issue when camera is far away. (why?)

For some reason i have a grass texture on the ground and whenever i zoom out and away the texture glitches through the floor even though the part is .4 studs above the texture.


The structure might be slightly clipping through the ground causing the glass to reflect it, if it’s still a problem I’d just place the grass around the structure and then union it, and then place the texture on top of it.

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Happens to me all the time, I would love to know why it happens.


This happens to me all the time when I’m making a straight line for roads. when I am more than 4+ studs from the texture it becomes that too. I wanna know why and how do I fix it.

Also, the texture and the Parent part is not clipping on something. So I just changed it into parts instead. It fixed the glitch but it’s a part now and now it makes a small lag because of multiple parts of it.

I had and fixed this issue. Turns out the texture glitching was on a ground part that wasnt anchored. So make sure the grass part that is glitching for you is anchored