Texture in a slightly transparency part at a certain camera angle

Insert a part and set transparency to .1 for example. Insert a texture into the same part. Move the camera angle from looking down to looking nearly horizontal to the part. The texture does not render at a certain point.

This bug happens 100% of the time.

This bug happens in studio, and on the game client.

I do not know how long this bug has occurred.

Here’s some threads, so I’m aware of what the issue is with why game engines have a hard time with this.

However, a proposed solution in that thread does not work for a game that wants a textured ocean that is also not terrain water. (For example, mobile players have a hard time with terrain water, it’s a lot of triangles, so we want good looking water that is low poly, hence a texture. I mean for the game we will not have transparent water mesh, but it would look better)


Smaller parts:


If you put the texture on a separate part slightly above the water, then it’s possible for you to shift the texture on the X and Z axes such that it is nearer to the camera’s Z plane than the water. This will require a bit of CFrame and vector manipulation, but it works really well for stuff like this.

You create a camera-aligned plane at the water’s origin. Then you shift the water texture on its plane towards the camera’s plane until it’s touching the camera-aligned plane. Then you shift it slightly beyond the camera-aligned plane, and now the texture is on top.

To be clear, you need the origin of the texture to have a lower value on the camera’s Z axis than the water’s origin. Distance isn’t actually what matters here .

Anyways, textures being rendered underneath their parent parts sounds like a “bug”. I think Roblox should find a workaround for this is possible, but otherwise it’s just the sad reality of the rendering of transparent objects.


This has been bothering me for years now.
I will probably have to scrap the sky in it’s entirety because particles will have the same clipping issue as well.
A lot of potential down the drain, sadly.