Texture on custom rig is suddenly low quality

Hi, I’ve been working on a game using custom rigs for better performance. These rigs look like they’re r6, but are actually a single mesh that uses mesh deformation for movement.

Along with creating a custom rig, I made a custom shirt+pants template for the UV map. I made sure that the rig’s UV map fit the custom template, and kept the same scale for each body part as normal Roblox clothing templates. After uploading the texture to the rig, the textures remained the same quality as the normal Roblox clothing versions I created.

The issue occurred when I loaded into studio today. Suddenly, all of the textures on the rigs now look slightly blurred, and now some edges of the textures have visible red or black lines. These red and black lines along the edges are likely because there’s a black outline around each limb and a red background on the template, so it appears that the texture has changed its size slightly, which may be related to why it’s blurred. I’m not sure if it’s part of what caused the issue, but when I loaded into the place in studio one of my friends was already in-studio with collaborative editing.

Here’s what it looks like in studio right now, unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what it looked like previously.

Knight Rig Texture

Here’s what the torso part of the template looks like (hope you don’t mind the watermark), you can see that there’s a fabric texture on the tabard that isn’t visible on the rig, and the images are much crisper on the template.

Knight Template


I’ve brought the rigs to other places to see if it was just studio having an issue loading in a load of textures, but the issue persisted. I also checked to see if it was because the rendering settings were low in my studio, but that wasn’t the case either. I also tried reuploading the texture to see if that would change anything, and that wasn’t a fix.

Hopefully there’s some kind of fix for this, or some explanation for the cause, because I was previously satisfied with what I’d created and now suddenly there’s been a big drop in quality for no apparent reason. Any help is appreciated!

Here’s a zoomed in version of the Knight Template image

I just slightly edited the texture by scribbling on the background so Roblox would have to re-approve the image, and it’s higher quality again and seamless.

Reuploaded image on the left, image that suddenly became lower quality on the right. They’re actually the same exact texture, the original one just became blurry for some reason?

Something that I’ve found after leaving and rejoining the studio after the image was approved was the image quality dropped again and now looks the same as the other rig. How come when the image gets approved it drops in quality?

Just checked to see if the image was above 1024x1024 to see if it was being compressed because of size, turns out it’s 585x935. Is Roblox compressing my image to a square only after it’s been approved and completely screwing up the image resolution?

Could be because roblox compressed the image because it’s too big or on accident thus making it low quality, But I guess you fixed it by reuploading it?

It’s looking like this is the case, likely because the image is taller than it is wide so Roblox compresses the image into a square which ruins the resolution. Every time the image stops pending and is approved by Roblox the image gets compressed, which is why the texture starts out looking how it’s supposed to after being uploaded, but when studio is closed and reopened the texture is now blurry.
Looks like I’ll have to re-create the template, UV map, and redo every texture that I’ve already completed. I get that Roblox has to compress images that are larger than 1024x1024, but It would be nice if Roblox kept the uploaded image’s dimensions when it’s within the size limit instead of resizing it and ruining the texture.

Looks like this isn’t the case. After recreating the UV map and making it a square, recreating the texture on the new template, once the new image stopped pending it became low quality again. Why are images being compressed once they’re approved?? Is there any way around this?

There is no way to make the texture render in native resolution. Roblox staff said its better to have compression because that would mean less memory usage. They said they are making a property that can control the visual fidelity of textures, but i doubt thats gonna release anytime soon.

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Thanks for the explanation, that property would be very helpful. I ended up remaking the UV map into a square shape, and mapped the faces to take up as much space in the square as possible. That change allowed the textures to remain the same resolution after the image was approved. Downside is now it takes longer to transfer textures from clothing templates to the UV map in my editing software -I hope Roblox comes out with that property eventually because it would’ve saved me time and confusion.

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