Texture problem

hello everyone, i am having a problem of where my mesh isnt loading the texture. The mesh turns the main color of the texture and i used the old version of it (i rigged the new version) and that works totally fine, it is the same mesh but the texture doesn’t work. (i have used blender for the rigged version of mesh), (the old mesh is using FBX ASCII but the new mesh is using FBX BINARY. (don’t know if problem)).

of mesh that is rigged (not work, same texture):

of mesh that isnt rigged (works, same texture):

EDIT: The new version was a obj but saved as a fbx

This happened to me one time, my case was that i uploaded the texture onto roblox first, then i put it onto the mesh, see if this works and let me know

i have tried that and it doesnt work