Texture problems

Working on a commission I got.
Was given a pet model to be included in the render but I have no idea how to make the textures work.

I’ve tried fiddling around with setting and tools but I’m still fairly new to Blender and I don’t understand how it would work.
If you know how to do this then thanks :smiley:

you might have the textures downloaded twice, the textures get weird if you do that. also, can you send a screenshot of the shader editor of the pet?


Here it is :smiley:

Did you check the pet model UV map?
I think that the texture is not matching with the UV

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Not really sure what that means lol.
I’ve just imported the model but I don’t know how to apply the texture onto it from studio

UV maps tell software how to apply textures onto a 3D mesh.
There’s a tab in blender which says “UV Editing” if you click on that with your model selected you’ll see how is your model’s UV map looking.
if the given texture doesn’t match the UV map the result would look weird.

Here we have a simple UV for a cube mesh:

As you can see the “U” is not being shown correctly since it’s out of UV bounds.
What I suggest you to apply the materials and colors in studio and then try to export it from there that might export the texture and UV maps correctly.

Here’s what it looks like.

you have to go in rendered view to see the colors on the uv map I think

How do I do that lol. Thanks for the help btw

Screen Shot 2021-03-03 at 9.06.26 AM
see these three little things? click the fourth one of them (far most right one)

Did you push U and select Smart Uv?

looks like this mesh has no UV map, try exporting it with textures or colors via studio that might help