Texture Transparency being set to 0 by VehicleSeats

Sitting on a VehicleSeat will set texture instances inside the character to 0. This does not happen with regular seat object.

In this repro, I insert a model into the character and weld it. When you sit on a vehicle seat it will set all textures transparency to 0. I am unsure when this bug started happening but it is making the hats look rather silly when the transparency is set to 0. This happens in live servers as well as studio. This is only showing on individual clients, setting studio mode to server and the transparency remains the same as before.

Steps to repro:

  • Insert a vehicle seat into your game
  • Add a texture into your character (such as a limb, or hat)
  • Sit on the vehicle seat

Repro file: VehicleSeat.rbxl (36.5 KB)




Incase required I am using Windows 10 with the up to date version of Roblox Studio.


Are you sure that the car isn’t parented by the player when you get in?

The repro is simply using a vehicle seat (no car model) There’s no scripts or anything. Not sure what parenting would do to affect transparency?

First, hats don’t dissappear, neither decals.

lua 5.1, amazing version.

He’s saying that the hats turn like black, not that they disappear. I’ve played his games before so I know what he’s talking about. At first, I thought it had something to do with the reflectance but then realized it wasn’t.

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@raulib As PeterrFrost said, I am stating that the transparency is being set to 0. In the repro, the texture transparency is set to 0.55 initially. When you sit down, it gets changed to 0.

This thread has nothing to do with hats disappearing or being deleted.

They’re set to 0 from the start.

Oh yeah, you’re right. Let me fix it for you.

I think he wants a solution, not an offer to fix it.

There’s nothing to fix on my end.

It’s a bug, the transparency is being set by the VehicleSeat. This is not an issue with a regular seat object. There are no other scripts that is affecting the textures nor are the textures being set at the start.

This thread is being de-railed. If you have any other concerns about it, probably best to message me so the thread doesn’t get full of unnecessary chat that doesn’t contribute to the OP.

Yup, you’re right. Roblox is the problem here. I think it’s a thing inherited from the old days or something.

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Bumping this because it’s still an issue. As you can see in the gif, all decals on my character become transparency 0 as soon as I sit in the VehicleSeat. Still happens in the repro file in the OP too



Still an issue, atleast in my case with face decals.