Texture Turns Green When I Import it into Roblox Studio

I’ve been attempting to import a model I made into Studio, but the texture turns green whenever I import it.


Roblox Studio

For those wondering how I textured it in Blender, I used a color pallet:

So far, I’ve tried exporting it as a .obj and .fbx, but the textures still turn green.

I’ve run out of ideas to try and resolve this problem, so I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to fix this.
Thank you and have a good day/ night.


is the part color green? or not

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No, the meshpart color doesn’t impact the texture.

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Maybe its because of the lightning? Maybe try deleting all the lightnings and lets see what happens.


Also having the same issue here. Still would greatly appreciate if someone could shed some light into the situation.


i need help with this as well, let me know if any of yall find the solution