Texture upload issues in Roblox Studio

What is the issue?

I have been trying to upload normal .png images in Roblox Studio like I always have for the past couple of days. Although there seems to be an issue in doing this now. I have tried uploading images in multiple different places, and uploading different types of images; all of the following results in the same alert prompt.


How long has this been occurring?

For me the issue have been occurring since Sunday of this week.

Additional issue pertaining to textures:

Along with this issue there has been another plaguing me this week. Over ten images which have been used in my game for weeks or months, now seem to have been moderated for no apparent reason; I have also witnessed this happening to other fellow developers.


I find the two following problems to be quite inhibiting to my workflow as a developer for this site. I was seeing if I could get confirmation on whether these issues are being resolved, or at the very least looked into.

Thanks for your time.

Already made a thread about it myself.

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Yes, I just wanted to reiterate to put greater attention on the issue. I also wanted to mention the moderation of images made weeks / months ago.

Edit: I didn’t notice that your thread had a solution before posting this.

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