Texture with changable color, but with remaining white parts

I’m trying to create a brick texture that i can later change in roblox studio, but I’m having problems with the mortar (the mixture between the bricks to keep them together and not fall apart).

I want to keep the mortar white-greyish, meanwhile keeping the bricks the color i want them.
Is there a way to do this? I know roblox can because the default, 2022 brick texture can do this!


Maybe make the brick texture itself transparent, while keeping the mortar Opaque. So that you attach it to a part and use the mortar texture as an overlay.

I’m no expert, but this may work.


Something like if I had a brick texture like this:

I could edit it to this:

Just an idea.

fyi, I just threw those together quickly for an example, I’m not that bad lol.


I’ll try that in a bit, thanks!


If that doesn’t work, try making your brick texture Grey. The way Minecraft’s leaf textures works, and probably Roblox’s is they are grey, and then they use a Color Map texture to give it the different green shades for each biome. For roblox it’s probably the same way, but just using part colors.