Textured Armor Models [Need Feedback]

Recently I made couple of models for a game Im working on, and just now I finished couple of armors, I would appreciate feedback on how to make them look better! :slight_smile:

If you like the armors, you can also check out helmets here

bonus cape


First armor: love it! The chain mail is not coming through very well. Could be the restricted texture size. The skirt has weird geometry. Unclear if the bottom is pants or boots. Assuming pants. No complaints.

Second armor: don’t love it. The belt on the first one is much better (it’s the buckle) Don’t see that on the second. The red material is not great. Looks like a UV mapping issue. The studs on the body are cut in half along the bottom.

The cape: Love it! Could use some more contrast between the red and black., and there’s a weird shine on the clasp, but I blame Roblox for the latter.

Good work!


Everything looks very made well. I love how it looks.