Textured or SmoothPlastic? [Feedback]

Most of the time, I always think if I should make most of my semi-horrible builds textured or just plain SmoothPlastic. The build may be bad, but hey, it’s my first time.

SmoothPlastic [Left] | Grass(Leaves), Wood(Branch) [Right]

SmoothPlastic(Cog, Tusk), Neon(Glow) [Left] | Metal(Cog), Concrete(Tusk), Neon(Glow) [Right]


From that distance, we can’t really tell.


Honestly I’d say it really depends on the build. For example, low poly models tend to appear more cartoony and simple (Such as your tree) rather than realistic so they use smooth plastic. If it’s something very detailed and meant to be realistic, textures enhance the realism.

In short:
Low poly/Cartoony builds = Smooth Plastic
Realistic builds = Textured

But that’s just my opinion on it.


That depends on the theme of your game! If the game is a lowpoly cartoony style then i would say go with Smoothplastic. But if you want your game to look non-cartoony and realistic then go with textures.

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Yes, when making low-poly models, try not to use different materials, and keep colours simple. Try not to use dark colours either.

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Imo, materials are more faster than textures or decals. I’d recommend using materials, like smooth plastic for example.

I’d say that it looks cleaner with smooth plastic. With your low poly-ish building style, I would think that the one without textures is more aesthetically pleasing. Textures are mostly used more for higher poly, more detailed builds, instead of low poly builds. Again, it’s up to personal preference.