Textureless Problem

Our previous modeller archieve all texture assets she was paid for. An action I can’t do anything about as they’re uploaded from her account. I’m willing to focus on solving.

What should we do to our game?

These are example images of the problem:

I’ve tried one option, and that is giving all meshparts default materials.
It works out quite a bit to some models:

But it doesn’t work for some others:

Does anyone have any further tips to make the map good again?


I am not sure if this is possible, a friend suggested contacting developer relations to move over ownership of the assets.

Another person has suggested moving over to the art design topic.


if you have the original mesh I think you can get the texture id, maybe from there you can like download the image and reupload.

Unfortunately archived images/textures don’t show anymore once archived, all you get is:

I would suggest talking with Roblox Support with:

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oh i thought by archived he meant like taking them off the game lol instead of like actually archiving them

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Roblox support replied they are unable to help me and explain I need to upload new decals. I do not have (most of) the assets unfortunately. I was able to recover just a few assets as there were just a few that weren’t archived.

I think we might better rework the map and replace the models with simpler ones, as I think that would be more appealing to the younger audience. Which is a big part of the playerbase.

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