Textures and Building Fundamentals

Hello all, I am a relatively inexperienced builder.

My creations frequently lack depth. After viewing some helpful tips, It seems like textures could be a useful tool to use. My dilemma is that Idk how to when to use them or how to use them properly. Any plug-ins, tips, or anything that you think would be helpful is much appreciated.

(Building Fundamentals)
I didn’t want to make two topics so I just merged the two. One of my pet peeves while building is that \ my builds often with be slightly off. I did some research and saw that a potential cause could be floating point thing, however, I am no too far from the origin. My going guess is that I mess up my grids while changing increments. I use SBS btw for building. My question is what do you guys do when you need to switch from building large to small? Do you guys build modularly keeping the increments the same per each module?

Long topic, thanks for reading through it.
Thank you in advance for your reply.


I can answer the second question.

When I change from building big to building small, I always set the increment to a very small amount and even if I’m going back to building big again, I almost never change it.

Building in small increments is really helpful as it can make your builds more unique and abstract, even if you’re building big.

If I’m using small increments and something seems off, I usually just use ResizeAlign to fix things up quickly.

Hopefully this helped you! :smiley:


I had some problems with the increments aswell, there is a simple solution for this tough. The standart measure for studio is 1 stud, so what I do is to use halfes of this valour… What I mean is to divide the base number by two, this way you will have proportional increments on your build and still go really detailed by dividing the number more and more, I’ll leave the increment values for you:
(1) (0.5) (0.25) (0.125) (0.0625) (0.03125) (0.015625)

On the modular building, I use it if they are needed. If I am making a castle or some kind of city I will probally make some modular walls, roofs windows etc… If I am making a more unique building or something that is the focus of the place I’ll probally not use any modular stuff so the build/model has this ‘uniquiness’ (no idea if the word exists lol) Also, when building modulary i try to keep all the sized proportional applying the same principle from above.

On the texture: I dont really use textures other than the regular roblox ones, but to create more depth and diversity I usually break the shape of the build or use diferent colours for whatever it is I am making, that can really add to the look of your build:
(a quick example of a work in progress. This house is just to fill some space in a town, you can see that I did not give too much detail to it, because it is not the main focus point of the place, altough, if you look close to the roof for instance, you will notice the multiple shades of colour in the roof. That, I believe, is what adds some life to the build.)

(I’ll try and add some more pictures ASAP)


The same can be used to get bigger increments, just multiply it by two:
(1) (2) (4) (8) and so on

I believe that textures should be used when you are trying to place a decal that you don’t want to extend to fit the sides of a surface. An example of what I am talking about is making a chain link fence. The fence has a repeating pattern. If you were to use a decal, the pattern for the fence would look squished, or weird. If you use a texture, however, it will help you create an even pattern that doesn’t look weird. Textures can also be used to make custom materials (that don’t have any depth, because PBR isn’t in the official Roblox Studio).

In order to use a texture, you need to place it on a surface you want to use (you can achieve this by using Insert Object), then you place the id for an image in the properties of the texture where it says Textureid (I think that’s what it’s called I can’t remember) In the properties of a texture, you can also change the colour of a texture to fit what you are looking for and scale it the way you like it.

I hope this reply helps you in some way!

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Thanks for your response, and everyone else. Those increments you put in are a life saver, wish F3X, or SBS had them all already in there, like a list of saved increments but for now those increments you gave will do just great.

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Pleased to help you! Feel free to DM if you have any more troubles or questions :muscle:

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