Textures bugged because of multiple meshes

Hello developers:
I have been having a problem in the last few days; when i started texturing complex objects.

The problem:

When i import the mesh and the 2 gui appear with the things of resizing and location data, an extra gui pops up after those saying “multiple meshes detected, textures may be incorrect” and that is true, when i put the texture to the model some colors go where they dont have to be.

Is there any way of fixing that while using multiple meshes?

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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Did you try joining all their meshes together(if not intended to break apart) or bulk upload? :thinking:

I dont understand what you want to say

When you made the meshes, were they all in one object or are they separate objects?

Bulk uploading through the game explorer. Uploading the meshes into that functionality allows you to upload all meshes separately.

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In blender i import a sphere (for example) and give it some shape and then i import a cube and give it some shape and join it to the sphere. They are joined but they are still separate meshes. So is there a way that the texture doesnt bug while modelling like that?

You could turn it into one single mesh, did you try that?

Otherwise, if you really want separate meshes, use separate textures and bulk importing.

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How do i turn it into a single mesh?

It’s simple, select the objects and CTRL+J in order to turn it into a single mesh.

Ok i will try it thanks :slight_smile: