Textures, Decals, and Images are not loading in ROBLOX Studio

I am unable to post this topic in the correct category, as seen in this GIF, so I am posting it here, hoping I can either find a solution, or have a staff member move it to the correct category for me.

This issue began last night, and has been continuing since.

Basically, when I boot up my game in Studio, no images or textures load properly.

First off, output is full of errors relating to it, as soon as I boot up my place, as seen in this picture:

Second, nothing loads in, like this billboard I use for advertising updates to be added to the game as my game reaches milestones, as seen here:

This billboard has no issue loading in-game in an actual server though, as seen here:

As you can see in the above image, my game has more than reached the milestone goal, and I need to change it, but this bug in Studio makes it very hard for me to edit it.

Lastly, any time I try to insert a decal into anything, it won’t load, and gives me an HTTP 500 error, as seen in this GIF.

None of these issue occur in-game in real servers, as everything loads, but this error does come up in the client developer console for me:

I’m not sure how to fix this bug. I have tried reinstalling ROBLOX studio and that did nothing. I have restarted my computer. I have even tried to open up/create new places to see if this bug was just limited to my one game, but Studio won’t even let me open up a new place!

Adding on, this is what shows up when I try to change the font of any GUIs:

This bug/issue is extremely frustrating as I am not able to update my game!

This seems to just be roblox erros. This happens all the time to me.
I just have to wait till it stops lol.

How long does it take until they are resolved?

I have no idea.

This usually happens when you have a bad connection to roblox.