Textures distort and become weird when importing into roblox

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    What i’m trying to do is import a model with multiple textures. For some reason, when i import the model into roblox studio, the texture becomes really weird. I don’t know how to fix this.
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This is how the model is supposed to look, normal and clean with a blood texture.

This is what happens when i import it into roblox studio. (FBX Import)
I have no clue what’s causing this issue.

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    I’ve asked people in a discord server for help, and i’ve tried searching online.

Help will be appreciated as i’m fairly new to modeling and building.

Thank you.

Edit: Apparently it’s using this image for the base texture:
I want to import the FBX with all the textures, and not a single texture being used.

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This happens to me mainly when I import into blender. Maybe try rotating the texture.

Roblox smooths nearby pixels together. Try making higher resolution of image (but not higher than 1024 bc it will be scaled down)

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The thing is, the texture shown here is being used for the main texture, none of the other textures get imported. Just this texture.

And this is also being used as the main texture, none of the other textures get imported.

I want the model to be imported with all of its textures.

Maybe, you could manually import the others? It might be worth a shot to be honest

hmmm… i might try…

filler text, ignore because character limit

Maybe, you could compile all the textures into one image

I personally don’t use FBX files much, so I am not sure if this could work(Since I like to import as OBJ files more)

Do UV wrapping in whatever software you are doing first(Let’s say Blender) then import everything to Roblox

  1. Model a sphere on Blender
  2. UV Wrap it(Texture wrapping)
  3. Export it as OBJ
  4. Insert a mesh part on Roblox Studio, import said OBJ file into it
  5. Now the problem with UV mapping → Roblox doesn’t support MTL files yet(At least not yet that I’ve known of), hence you gotta turn it into an image file like PNG file works
  6. Import to Roblox as a Decal
  7. For the texture ID of the mesh on Roblox Studio, use said decal and it should work

More details:

My speculations on what’s happening

  • You used a separate Decal or Texture children instead of the mesh’s texture ID???
  • I don’t know

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