Textures glitched

Hey all,

I imported a box from roblox studio and into blender and it is not giving me the color I want it.

Then I notice when I download the textures with the model, they appear with no saturation.

This has never happened before, any advice is appreciated.

, The textures are in solid mode but not in the other modes, is this a glitch?

is back face culling on? whenever i export a .obj file from roblox, then import it into blender, backface culling is on, and i have to turn it off.

also, do you have a light source in blender? that might be why there is no color in render mode.

  1. What is black face culling?

  2. no

backface culling is used to stop faces of something rendering through another face, you can’t see the other side of a thing though the front of it.

its probably off for you. it should be on if you want the cube thingy to look normal. it’s under material properties.

What I want to look normal is the textures, its appears as white
will that fix it?

what does the cube look like in roblox?

ok - so i think do don’t have a light source in blender, add one through the add menu, turn on backface culling as well to stop seeing through the cube.

What I need is the colors to show, because it renders without colors. This never happened before.

review your export settings (one with the printer)

I’m out of town right now so it’s harder for me.

What do you mean with printer?

Also I just deleted and re installed blender and it doesnt work still, the colors are white.

its this menu.
ive never had something like this happen to me so i am not sure if i can help.

considering you’ve just reinstalled blender, it might be something else.

The chair is supposed to be brown. I don’t think its blender,

Because the texture that downloaded with it is white.
This is what it is supposed to look like.

i see. this should be a easy fix, with many approaches
i think the easiest is that you could recolor the image and then just slap the newly colored texture on the model with a image editor. Paint.net is a good one.

Paint.net is not the website, but its the name of the software.

Weird and time consuming solution, thanks.

When you get home, try importing a random item from roblox studio into blender and see if it comes as white.

I think this is a studio error where the texture colors come out as white and thats why blender thinks this is the right texture. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

you could also do some shenanigans in the shader editor to change the color straight in blender, I will play around with this when i get back home on Saturday.

keep you posted.

Alright, Let me know, have a great thanksgiving!