Textures not applying properly to mesh from Blender

Hey all,
I have been trying to import this dinosaur from Blender into Roblox with textures and animations. I have managed to get the animations to work but struggling with getting the textures to work properly (I don’t have much experience with blender). The problem is the textures aren’t lined up properly on the mesh.

In blender:

In studio:

Any help is appreciate! Thanks


I just found out the Roblox is using the texture from the texture paint menu but I want it to use the UV wrap. Any ideas on how that would work?

This is the exact texture that roblox is using

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Make sure when you export the mesh you check the setting relating to the UV export.

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where abouts is that? I am exporting as a FBX file

Looks like it’s only a setting for obj (UV coordinates). I assume fbx does it automatically and something is messing it up. Try copying the current UV map then reapplying it after deleting the original.

Apparently this is a blender bug.

Try exporting as Wavefront.OBJ I do it this way and it works fine for me.

Hope this helps!!

Ok, I imported it as an Obj but it didn’t come with a texture. Do I need to do this manually?

Yes, you just fill in the texture id with texture image uploaded.

The thing is that there are 2 textures and 2 different parts (when I export with fbx). When I export with obj it makes the 2 parts a single mesh.

if it makes it easy I can give you the blender file and you can try if you want?

Is the texture paint file up to date/saved properly on your computer? If not, save it and then re-export and import it.

There are multiple image files. Is there a way to get just one?

Now, I am not a blender expert, but could you somehow combine those images into one big image? I don’t know how/if Roblox handles multiple texture files.

I will do a bit or research and get back to you. Thanks in the meantime!

I could export the UV Layout but it exports it for editing (it’s a blank layout) so you can draw your texture from like photoshop or something.

Ok. You can try this, but you could also combine every uv layout image together.

I would reccomend just seperating the mesh into 2 pieces by material and then importing the 2 meshes seperately

I’m confused sorry. I imported the 2 parts into roblox successfully but I’m not sure how to add the textures. Do you want the blender file?

just ended up fixing up the texture paint instead of using uv editing. Works just as good. Thanks for your time any guys

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