Textures render through completely non-transparent bricks at certain camera angles

I noticed it most when I was working with textures a while back, if you have the camera near-level with the surface of a brick, it will render the texture even if its behind another brick.

For a working example of what I mean; checkout this:

Theres a script that will move your camera to the relevant points of view that the glitch occurs on.
This is one of the few things that kept me from going fully textured.


Not sure what this is about, at all. Please follow these steps to report the bug.

The lines in the images are textures on seperate parts, while every part has its visibility set to 0. The model I provided the link to will reproduce the fault in different cases.
After a lil more experimentation, it appears that when a texture is only visible by 1 pixel in any given direction, it will render that line of pixels.
Here is a small video showing the bug, https://i.gyazo.com/4e4a6eb7bee4c47270224114af2f7ed3.mp4
All I am doing is tilting the camera up and down.
This is the layout of the video above

If still unsure as to what I mean, please look at the model.
It will reproduce the bug, in different cases.

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Oookay, now I know what that is. Thanks.


Sorry for necrobumping, but is there any update for this? It’s been almost three years and this is still a problem.
EDIT: To add onto this, in my game I use custom textures for most parts, and it’s very jarring to see these lines. The line of sight of this bug is somewhat specific but if you use a lot of textures, it’s very common.


Sorry for necorbumping again! I’m also having this bug. It’s very easy to replicate.
I’m using these two tiles.

I put them together:

You can see the line in the middle, and it becomes very obvious at some angles. I find this as annoying as Z-Fighting.

This time, I’ll set the side textures to transparent, revealing only the plastic material. This bug only occurs with textures (and decals), not with Roblox materials.

And now we put them together…

At least you can fix Z-Fighting but you cannot fix this, unless you were to manually make the textures transparent when they’re not supposed to be rendered…


I apologise for necrobumping this yet again, but this bug is still very much a thing and heavily affects games that rely on primarily textures for visuals (one example being some of the many voxel games on Roblox that are inspired by games like Minecraft, which rely on textures on all sides of a block)

Is there any updates on this at all? It’s been several years and this bug still persists to this day, and the odd lines that are caused by this bug can easily ruin the visuals in any games that rely on textures.

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You might want to consider texture mapping the blocks, learn how to UV map. (for now at least), doesn’t look like this is their priority)

that won’t work, I use greedy meshing to combine many blocks into one where possible and then use textures to apply their texture. I have no choice here in the matter but to use parts and textures, considering it is the most efficient choice, having possibly over 70k parts for a single chunk isn’t an option for me.