Texturing Help!

Hey everyone! I’m currently trying to get clothing to UV map onto a R15 character without the humanoid. It does seem to be somewhat working however this happens.


(Canada flag should be on the right side of the arm, not on the front.)

I have no experience on how to do UV mapping, so any support would be appreciated!

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Did you download the Shirt template?

Just move your UVs around.
With the format of your UVs, this is how you would get the flag to appear on the right side (I’m assuming)
If you could take a screenshot of your UVs that would help!

I have no experience with UVs at all as I said before. Thanks though! How would I fix the white spots?

I’m not using humanoids but I am using the shirt template for that yes.

Is this a custom character? Or are you using the blocky R15 character? If you’re using Roblox’s R15, this shouldn’t be a problem?? Are you using this?

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Its classic R15, im using that.

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If you could send me the character and the clothing texture, I can take a look at it for you.


CharModel.rbxm (9.5 KB)
Main (Ignore the background lol)

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Hmmm I think once you remove humanoid, it breaks the UVs. So the Roblox clothing template becomes completely useless. This is how your UVs look like:

You would have to go through the manual process of UV mapping the character yourself. If you’re thinking of doing this to more than 1 character, I would suggest not going this route and just sticking with a humanoid attached. You could hire a 3D modeler to UV map the characters for you or watch a blender tutorial on UV mapping. It’s not hard, just a tedious task I would say.
The reason why you have white parts showing is because your UVs are out of bounds essentially, it’s not layered ontop of your textures. This is how it looks when fixed

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