TF2 Weapons: Volume 1

And so it happened

Greetings user, it is me LocalLoaf again and welcome to Volume 1 of Team Fortress 2 weapons.
It took me a week to make every weapon here, since it is 8/9 days from the original stock weapons release on this website. Feedback will be always appreciated.

Now for weapons, they will be categorized into 3 parts: primary, secondary and melee (occasional PDA slot)

Primary weapons:
Scout - Baby Face's Blaster:

Soldier - Rocket Jumper:

Demoman - Loch 'n' Load:

Sniper - Classic:

side note: This one do be kinda bad regarding the detail i put into it, i couldn’t replicate it 100%

Secondary Weapons:
Scout/Engineer - Lugermorph:

Scout/Engineer - C.A.P.P.E.R:

Pyro - Flare gun:

My personal favorite

Pyro - Scorch Shot:

Heavy - Family Business:

Sniper - Jarate:

Melee Weapons:
Pyro - Homewrecker:

Demoman - Eyelander:

Demoman- Ullapool Caber:

All class - Prinny Machette:

Fun facts of the day:

Weapon that took the most amount of time was the Family Business (around 3.5 hours)

Weapon that took least amount of time was the Prinny Machette (around 30 minutes)


Very awesome!! I didnt know that making such weapons would take so long o_o


Do soldiers always have rocket launchers? You could make an AR for the solider, but it’s your choice.

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Woah these look amazing man considering they’re made in studio! I’d really recommend you try to learn at least some basics of blender since you seem to have a lot of talent and I think blender would make your skill jump up by a lot.

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DUDE YOUR SO TALENTED KEEP IT UP! :love_you_gesture:

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Well the thing is, i would gladly learn blender but my laptop can’t handle the program.

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This is Team Fortress 2, Soldier 's primary weapon is a Rocket Launcher.

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Give me the eyelander. This isnt a joke.

(Okay, jokes aside from that, i love them. Keep up the good work.)

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