Thalassa | Showcase

Hey there! Here is a week-long project that I made. I hope you guys enjoy the showcase just as much as I enjoyed making it. I highly recommend before joining, to read the description and the background behind this showcase. Thanks in advance!


Damn… talk about the talent and effort put into that. The fact you made that in a week is absolutely outstanding! The effort and time you put into that build is… wow. Keep up the good work.


Man if you advertised the game, you would get rich off of premium payouts, because its hard not to stand there and look at the beauty of this.

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It is really good. I can see you put time and effort into this game. However, I have some tips

  • The water needs to be removed of that dark effect. It ruins the games realism.
  • The terrain is a solid block. Once again breaking games realism.

Aside from that. The builds are amazing!

Outstanding work, the fact you made this in a week is astonishing!

First of all: Foliage is on POINT!
And I love how much detail is in the rubble and the little neon particles around the torches
on top of that the broken pillars look like they actually fell that way instead of being placed like that which is hard to do… at least for me it is

Haha, thank you so much for the kind comments. To stimulate the “broken pillars” I took the already made pillar and put a brick in a slope position through and used a union to cut it in half. In terms of placement, I looked up abandoned structures and placed accordingly, and tried making it realistic as possible.

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This is very appealing to my eyes :smiley: