That little smooth terrain editor I was working on is finally done

What do you all think? It was specifically designed for editing voxels that proved troublesome when using the default terrain tools. Generally, these “broken voxels” are in very small quantity in an area that would require using this tool, which makes its simplicity perfect.


Quite interesting, how do you make the selection part visible through the terrain?

This looks pretty cool. I just downloaded it to try it out.

Seems to have a bug right now -
19:29:38.007 - Plugin_1199730836.MainPlugin.TerrainModule:142: attempt to index upvalue ‘Terrain’ (a nil value)
19:29:38.008 - Stack Begin
19:29:38.008 - Script ‘Plugin_1199730836.MainPlugin.TerrainModule’, Line 142 - method VisualizeFromRegion
19:29:38.008 - Script ‘Plugin_1199730836.MainPlugin’, Line 322
19:29:38.009 - Stack End

Wish we had better tools for drawing with different shapes or making smoother hills large hills.

Or making the interaction between water and any other terrain type more smooth.
Heaven help you if you need to keep your water flat but edit the shoreline.
Checking the ‘Ignore water’ box doesn’t help at all.

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That is a really strange bug…

Terrain is a variable that has a value of workspace.Terrain (local Terrain = workspace.Terrain) - Is the game you loaded into really huge? There’s no way to rename the terrain, and the workspace has that property so even if it were renamed it’d be found. That’s really strange.

It’s actually a BoxHandleAdornment that has AlwaysOnTop = true. It helps a lot.

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This happens on the “Flat Terrain” template with nothing else added. All I do is open your plugin, click the “select and view region” maybe resize it (it happens whether I resize or not) and then click the “ok” button. And yeah, it does seem strange.