That will be better for the search of paths

So far I have made a whole NPC but I have several problems,

  1. I don’t know how much ComputeAsync consumes
  2. I don’t know how MoveTo works, (it moves the player to a point, I ask you please to deepen the points before taking me as stupid, when I mean I don’t know how it works because I mean it is the method before anything else, I mean to consumption too, please go deeper into the subject before answering the first one)
    3.You have to call MoveTo several times if necessary
  3. I don’t know how much MoveTo consumes
  4. Can you use the mesh engine yourself to find paths without the need for the pathfindingservice?
    The 5th point is because I want to do the whole system through a hearthbearth to avoid the extra cycles and the functions that I don’t even know how much they consume.
    edit; I investigated about making an algorithm but I have no idea how to start I don’t know if with ray cast, or oneself could obtain the study path mesh

This article will help you understand all of the above:

I use the built-in Roblox pathfinding quite successfully for crowds in a few games and don’t have a problem with it. I did try writing my own pathfinding function, but ultimately it was difficult to manage changes to the map and to update the nodes and map the paths out manually.

What also affects a lot is that you have to call MoveTo several times, apart from the fact that you have to use various methods for a route, what I want is to make that improved route search system, I wonder if there is a way to make your own ComputeAsync with the studio route navigation

Yes. But you would have to write your own implementation using either A Star or Djikstra such as this:


The issue is that Roblox pathfinding is written in natively in C which will be (in theory) much faster than any engine based LUA implementation.

As they say, there is no pint in reinventing the wheel

ok that information IS SUPER USEFUL, it is written in a programming language based on the program therefore I would not use methods that consume as much as luau, Thanks!!! But another thing you do not know if when MoveTo() is called so many times, (when it does not move) in a repeat until it will be deoptimized, of course the cycle will stop

I’m sure I understand the question.

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