ThatSinisterPumpkin - Professional Builder; Realism

Commissions are currently closed. If you wish to work with me in the future please DM me regardless.

Who am I?

Howdy! I’m a Roblox developer with 5 years of experience on the platform. I typically build SCPF-themed facilities, as well as other industrial themed builds. This does not limit my experience, however, so if you have any other high-detailed builds you want to be completed, please contact me.

You can view my full portfolio here: ThatSinisterPumpkin Development Portfolio - Google Docs

If you want a smaller sample of my work, check here:

Personal project for my own group:

Another personal project, for a Jurassic World themed game:

Please see my google portfolio for a far broader look at my work.

Currently only accepting R$. Only offer me a percentage is the game already has a following, and will give me a return. Exceptions may be made if I genuinely believe I can make a profit from the project.

Robux Prices start at R$10,000 unless the build is small and reasonable for the price.


Feel free to use the following contact details (preferably Discord)