The .000 value bug

When you try to edit a single value studio adds .000 to the end of the value, making sure that if you dont delete those .000 before updating it will completely ignore your whole edit.

Suggestion: Don’t add .000 to the end of values.

Here’s how it works:


I can’t reproduce this - the value saves just fine with the .000 still there. What Windows locale settings do you use? It might be this bug.

My recommendation for fixing from that thread:

Thanks for link I appriciate it, but I don’t see why studio shouldn’t work on all computers.
Having to custom rig your pc to avoid roblox studio bugs isn’t really a solution, it’s a workaround.

I never said it’s not a bug. The marked “solution” in that thread is poor, I agree. I was just using the link to explain what the problem is.

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