The 13th Doctor's TARDIS

I’ve been working solely on this project over the past three months, and today I finally decided to reveal my progress on it.

Like my previous TARDIS games, it will be a non-profit, interactive showcase for fans of Doctor Who. It is mostly comprised of meshes that I made in Blender and textures that I made in Illustrator. Even details such as the placement of the hexagonal mirrors as well as the walls are as accurate as I could make them. It also uses a lot of tweening, i.e. the doors, screens, central column.

It is not yet complete and I have not decided a release date, but do I plan to open it to the public anytime between New Year’s and late Spring 2019.


Amazing. Not a fan of the new one but yours looks better than the actual one!!


Thank you! Although, I’m not sure it’s possible to build a better remake than the original. :smile:

Here’s a gif of the time rotor moving along with the crystal tips:

Do the tips do that in the show?

Yours def looks more spacious. The real one is really cramped. Or might just be the camera angles, who knows. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, the tips of the surrounding crystals were static for the first half the season but they do move now. I definitely think that the interiors will appear bigger or smaller on screen depending on how they’re shot. I’ve heard that the preceding interior seemed larger on screen than it actually was.

I’m updating this project on the Devforum rather infrequently since I’m wary of bumping it for considerably minor additions. You can find regular progress updates on the TARDIS Builders website (where I write most documentation), or via my Twitter account/Discord server (where I update most frequently) - allowed links of which are available in the game’s social tab.

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Nice job with the tardis. I’ve been a supporter of your work back when you first made the 11th Doctors Tardis. Really excited for the end result!