The ability to thumbs-down a post?

Sometimes you disagree with someone’s post, and you don’t want to make a whole reply just to tell them you disagree. Sometimes they’ve made a genuinely bad post, and you don’t want to flag them. So instead how about you can thumbs-down their post?


If a post is worth disliking, it’s worth replying to, no? The thing is, if you just dislike a post, the author won’t know what is wrong with their post, that is precisely why replying is important. Also consider that this feature may be abused if not regulated. If you want to dislike a post because of false information, feel free to reply to correct it. But always with respect. This is the behavior that should be promoted.

Not “want[ing] to make a whole reply just to tell them you disagree” sounds like laziness rather than an actual use case for this feature.


Technically liking the post who opposed the original topic is a dislike.


Dude. Bots would benefit Alot from this. No.
Because the creator wouldn’t know what was wrong. So it has more cons than pros

If this feature gets added, I will dislike your post (srry for being harsh)


The DevForum was made by Discourse. I don’t think this is even possible.


What wouldn’t be possible exactly?


The feature of dislikes. I don’t think it can be added by Roblox themselves.


the devforum was made using the opensource discourse. 99% of features you want aren’t possible to be made using discourse’s forum. The only way for this is if roblox decides to make their own forum site.


This has been discussed in Discourse Meta several times and the co-owner is very much against it.

We have no power over this. go to and make a feature request for the ability to enable or disable dislikes. I doubt it will be implemented though. Roblox can always install a Discourse Plugin, but to my knowledge and correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t believe they currently have any plugins installed.

The Discourse Software isn’t mean to be a Q&A or fact-based system. Its a Discussion Platform.


Oh I didn’t know that… I did wonder why the Blender artists forum looks so much like this one lol.

Yea you have a good point there.

No no no, you have a good point.


I would only see this useful in #feature-requests as sort of a way to show disinterest in a feature being added (since members can’t reply to make their opinion heard there), other than that, this feature would serve no purpose other than shaming users.


IIRC, they do have a few plugins installed.


Really? What plugins do they have installed?


Unfortunately, I couldn’t tell you, all I really have is a vague memory of someone saying they do use plugins.

Could be wrong, might want to take with a grain of salt, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share.


@GalacticInspired @TheH0meLands @ValiantWind This is possible (I think) with the reaction plugin and add a thumbs down as a reaction.

Also, the dev forums have at least 1 plugin installed. They 100% of the solved plugin installed. They may have others like Canned Replies or User notes but only moderators and Admins can access them.


Even if it were possible this was a bad suggestion anyway :neutral_face:


I mean I guess someone already did.

they also have a tonn more installed

so yeah they have canned replies and user notes + a bunch more.

The Solved Plugin is enabled by default.

Lots of those on your list are duplicates.

Everything below the red line in the following image is a duplicate:

And most of them on your list are enabled by default.

The solved plugin is enabled on almost every single Discourse Forum out there unless one company wanted it specifically disabled.

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