The Adventure of Nooblet! #4

Hello everyone! As you can tell from the title I have decided to name my adventure game The Adventure of Nooblet! Or you can say TAoN for short :smile:. Since today was Thanksgiving, not much game progress was made, but I wouldn’t be posting this if a had nothing to present! So thank you @cweego for pointing out that instead of using a sword to break the boulders you should use a bomb. So that’s exactly what I did!


Tell me if you want anything added and I’ll try my best! Thanks for reading :smile:!


This looks really fun! I would highly suggest that you include some little fun puzzles in your game! Making a bomb explode and move another bomb could have some interesting results :stuck_out_tongue:

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You should add a health system to the wall whenever a player tries to blow it up. For example, you could make the wall slowly crack whenever its dealt damage, kinda like this:
Cracked wall

Everything else looks great! It’s really giving me that classic “Legend of Zelda” vibe.
When do you think this game will be released? :thinking:

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i like your backpack GUI, camera orientation, AND building style!! the adventure of nooblet seems awesome! :+1:

TLoZ easter egg???

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AoN instead of TAoN seems better and good work, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Good luck!

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I’m hoping to release it before 2021. Not the full game cause I’d probably have a lot more areas to make :sweat_smile:. Also, I like that idea about the wall cracking.

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I like the UI so far, looks very clean!

It would be a funny idea if you made a cave right above where the player spawns and there’s a person in there who says “Sorry I don’t have a sword, I gave it to the player before you. My neighbor Jeff has one, I think.”