The Adventure of Nooblet! #6

Hello everyone! I know it’s early but I wanted to update my game a little bit!


Please let me know if I should add anything! Thanks for reading! Also thank you @baserplater for choosing hackers as the monsters! @Noctarius


Thanks for the credit! I really like how you executed the hacker idea everything looks great!


I’m always happy to give credit! Also thank you for the feedback!


Yes! Ah, yes! I’m reading this like a comic Twitter thread! This is going to be a hit.

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This looks amazing! Expect me to play it :heart:

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I can tell this will be a popular game!

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Literally amazing infinity * math.rad(40) / infinity

Keep up the great work man can’t wait to until its released

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Looks spectacular! :star_struck: You should consider adding some realistic grass coming out from the ground, kinda like this:

Can’t wait for the game to be released! Keep it up :+1:

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I want to keep the style cartoony. But thanks for the feedback!

Wait, how do you do this I am new to terrain?

Also don’t spoil the whole story here on the forums cause I wanna be surprised like others.

Here’s a tutorial to help you get started. I don’t really use terrain in my games that much, but hopefully this video will answer your question.