The all-in-one Utility Kit Plugin

Hello there, I am Brad_Developer and this is my Build Kit Plugin!
It is basically a plugin that was inspired by others plugins with one goal in mind: all-in-one without cluttering your topbar.

The plugin features some stuff such edge-loop, a character importer, 3d sound distance visualizer, a mesh kit importer (made in Blender) along with character rigs, and a part counter!

An example of some of the features can be seen here:
Edge Loop (Inspired from Blender):

Note: It supports attachments and models but please make sure the models have a PrimaryPart set.

Sound Distance Visualizer:

Character Importer (with saving):

The plugin is available here: Brad's Build Tools - Roblox
If you find any bugs, please let me know!


update: It is giving the error: image
upon installation attempt. I will try figuring out what is causing it.

@Brad_Developer Hello there,

Your plugin is awesome.

The plugin does not work, I went to plugins and saw nothing. If so, can you make a thing where players can navigate to the plugins section and then they can click on the plugin?

If this is already added, i’m sorry. It might be a bug for me.

I hope your plugin’s future is good!


Hi, the plugin should show up on the Plugins bar but it seems there is an install error happening right now. I replied with it on the topic but I believe it is a bug on Roblox’s end.

Oh alright. I thought it was a issue with the plugin.

Thanks for informing me!

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