The Alpha Walker(Procedural Animation)

The Alpha Walker

This is a proof of concept for a new game that I am working on.
There will be three factions in the game.
One faction called Vindicroy have the most advanced technology in the game. They have created the alpha walker and this is the first iteration.

Uses procedural animation for the legs.

There are known bugs with the animation and controller. Please be patient while I attempt to fix them.
Also movement is relative to your mouse. You might have to reposition your cursor to be able to move.

Any help, feedback or criticism is greatly appreciated.
I am not able to record because my computer is a potato :upside_down_face: :potato: = :desktop_computer:


I like the “robot” you have created, you shoudl fix it because when you rotate the camera it stops and gets bugged.

Ah yes. I have a few things that people have said. I will probably post the next update with them fixed. Thanks for your feedback!

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