The Ascension Project 'Will Continue' sneak peaks

Hello everyone!

I’ve recently given my game project, The Ascension Project, into the hands of young, unexperienced developers. The original version of the game was supposed to be a sci-fi story/adventure game where you had to stop an alien invasion. Focus would be put on a rich story, the beauty of our galaxy and basic combat.

Unfortunately, time no longer allows me to spend a lot of time working on games. That is when I decieded to give my game to group of young developers that I once learnt the ropes of game development. They are now in charge of bringing the game to Roblox. So far, I’m really impressed with what work they are delivering. I’m so impressed I just felt like sharing it!

This is the footage in studio. Looks like something that could be almost a decade old.

This is how it will look like in-game. Afterlife is a nightclub where you can chill with your buddies.

I guess the old blocky building style makes part of the game.

Once the club is done, we’ll have a public testing (party) session at Afterlife.

Feel free to tell me what you guys would like to see and I’ll send the message to the developers :slight_smile:

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I really like the design, it reminds me of a map you would see in fe2cm

I’m not a fan of low poly/blocky as I’m used to realism, but this doesn’t seem bad for a group of inexperienced devs. I just think it would look better if there were a bit more details (ofc this is just my opinion). Particle effects look nice.

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In all honesty, I was a little scetpical when I received the first screenshots.Especially because the original map looks more something like this:

But if this bricky building style results in a fully finished game accompanied by fluent gameplay and beauty, then by all means necessary. I do think there will be sacrifices on the beauty part but hey: I guess only time can tell! :laughing:

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Damn, I prefer this map though :tired_face: :pensive: but I understand that some sacrifices have to be made; you could probably have this original map as a showcase. (I just really love builds that are visually appealing lol, I wasn’t even thinking about the gameplay portion of it :sweat_smile:)

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