The assault project

hello, im pierceisgone. i am the founder of Pierce-Studios. i am looking to hire competent developers for my new first person shooter “assault”. its a brand new first person shooter with brand new concepts and ways to play.

what are some of the ideas for this game?

one of my ideas is a game mode called “ladder”, its similar to how csgo arms race and arsenal work but with my own take. unlike in arsenal and csgo arms race once you get a kill with a weapon youll be given a new weapon. in ladder you have to get 3 kills in a row with 1 weapon to get a new weapon. if you die before you get free you have to start over. this is a game mode designed for skilled players. you would also have to be a certain level to access it.

another idea is tournaments.

tournaments will rank teams of players together to fight in a highly competitive environment.
it will start with 8 teams. and each round it will eliminate half of the remaining teams. so it will go from 8 teams to 4 teams to 2 teams. the last 2 teams will fight and the winning team will receive exclusive rewards.

the main incentive to play tournaments is to unlock rare and better rewards.

with ladder and tournaments combined the game will be able to keep players of all skill level interested in the game.

besides ladder and tournaments, how will we keep players interested?

players can get bored of games after a while. mainly for lack of updates or new content. over time doing the same stuff over and over again will just get boring.
i want this game to heavily rely on the community. every player will be able to submit they’re ideas and creations to us for a chance of it to be put into the game. in return they will receive exclusive in game perks. this will allow us to focus more on the actual mechanics of the game. polishing it and adding new features and less on plain content updates.

whats the payment?
each developer will be given an equal share at the end of each week.
you will not be payed upfront. everyone will be payed after they work.
they payment will be in robux.

how many people are currently on the team?
currently we have 4 moderators, 3 modelers and 1 scripter.

what skills are we currently looking for?
we are looking for skilled scripters, animators and builders.
experienced and passionate developers.

what are the requirements?
you are at least 13 years old.
you have been playing roblox for atleast one year.
you have been development on roblox for atleast one year.
you have a discord account.
you are able to work on a weekly basis.
your skilled and know how to get your job done.

how can i contact you?
you can contact me via discord: pierce#0412
you may also message me on reddit: my profile

i will be able to answer any questions you have.

i hope we can work together.

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