The audio in my game is glitching at high graphics

This started today and never happened to me before. I scripted a system that makes an underwater sound play when your camera goes underwater and it has been working perfectly until today, and I have no idea why this just suddenly started to happen.

(You have to turn on audio if your device is muted to hear this)

Things to note:

  • This is the only sound effect that this is happening to. (I have other sound effects in my game)
  • The weird sound only occurs on high graphics.
  • It just started today.
  • This only happens in-game.

What is the cause of this? And if this has been asked (and solved!) before, please tell me :slight_smile:
Are there any solutions? Thanks

The place:

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Is your framerate low and is the sound on-client?

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I typically play with high graphics and a framerate of 40 fps, but with only one graphics bar it’s a steady 60. My framerate is probably the cause of this audio glitch, but I’m confused as to why this suddenly started happening, and I’m hoping this isn’t the case for everyone since this can annoy a lot of players.

The script is indeed a local script and is working perfectly, the problem only happens with the audio. I would like to know if it’s just me who’s experiencing this problem.

I would look into fileing this as a bug report.

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I tested this out and when I went to max settings the sound effect starting to warp and crackle, not sure what the issue is though.

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My script enables a PitchShiftSoundEffect and an EqualizerSoundEffect, and after some debugging I found out that something with the PitchShiftSoundEffect made the crackling happen, so now only the EqualizerSoundEffect enables.

Thanks for contributing, @iGottic & @Agora_Dev!

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